Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Instant deployment camps made from folding cubes
Unique folding 'cube' construction system takes 'flat pack buildings' to a new level. 6x2.4mt buildings are delivered flat packed to just 60cm high making transport a simple, cost effective operation. Once assembled folding cubes can be stacked up to 3 units high and joined together end to end or side by side.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Solar PV systems supplied for off grid school locations
Our specialist expertise in the solar photovoltaic industry allows our engineers to design and specify complete power supply solutions for buildings supplied in remote locations where grid supplied energy is non existant, unreliable or simply to expensive to obtain.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Temporary sales suite made from eight folding cube modules
Developers choose to use a Bauhu flat packed 'cube' building to provide a show home for this prestigeous development in Cannes France. The two storey portable building allowed developers to build a model home fast and without hinderance from local planning authorities. Floor to ceiling windows and a glass ballustrade give the building a feeling of elegance and simple cladding features disguise the fact that the sales suite can be easily demounted and used in another location.
Bauhu low cost off site modular construction solutions
The United States Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Refief
Low cost, easily transported container buildings custom designed and built off site will provide clinic buildings for deployment in remote regions of Zimbabwe as part of The United States Presidents Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief.
Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Specially designed Race Control suites for Formula E motor racing
Two demountable buildings will follow the Formula E motor race championship around the world. Each event will see Bauhu race control buildings erected in record time and them demounted for shipping in containers to the next venue. Bauhu Cubes offer the perfect solution providing temporary flat packed, fold up accommodation which can be easily assembled and ready for use in very short periods of time, anywhere in the world. Once assembled Bauhu Cubes can be personalised with custom graphics, exterior cladding and fascia treatments to suit individual applications.