Bauhu off site modular hotel construction solutions
Plug and Play studio is completely 'Off Grid' powered by Solar Energy
Unique Plug and Play houses 100% completed in the factory. Solar PV systems and state of the art energy storage means Bauhu modules can be used in remote locations where power is expensive or difficult to access.
Bauhu off site modular hotel construction solutions
No Limits for Modular home designs with factory built modules
Designed and factory built modular homes incoporate a wide range of architectural designs which surpass exacting international construction standards and specifically UK building regulations, Bauhu Homes benefit from exceptional build quality and the highest levels of insulation.
Bauhu off site modular hotel construction solutions
Bauhu publishes latest designs on DWELL
Bauhu Limited, European leaders in prefabricated construction technology and suppliers of off site construction solutions have provided a varied range of factory built accommodation across the globe meeting the needs of low cost housing in emerging nations, rapid deployment accommodation in remote locations, retail and hotel buildings and high end residential property.
‘Plug and Play’ modular homes - Joined up solutions to the housing crisis

Not too many years ago, Britain found itself in the throes of an ‘energy crisis’ which threatened to leave the country without power unless a rapid solution could be implemented. Energy costs were high and reported to climb higher, demand apparently outstripped production capacity, there was talk of turning off street lights and power outages across the country. Decision makers quickly grasped the olive branch provided by alternative power suppliers and leapt into ‘renewable energy’. Crazy schemes were proposed from oceans of gigantic wind turbines to harnessing the tide to create the vital power that was lacking. Sanity prevailed and solar power became the ‘buzzword’ of the moment.

Government initiatives were rapidly implemented to encourage a new source of power generation, us. Everyone from large corporations to small home owners was offered powerful incentives to make electricity for themselves and ‘sell’ any surplus back to the grid providers at extremely attractive rates. Sudsidised solar panels began to appear on people’s roofs literally everywhere. A new industry was born and the energy crisis was averted. This radical solution to the energy crisis was called Microgeneration. Hundreds of thousands of tiny power producers all making their own electricity and feeding their small surplus contributions back to the grid for others to use. Clever.

Several years later we find ourselves plunged into another crisis, the housing crisis. Once again, we are warned of imminent disaster as the requirement for housing heavily outstrips supply and the threat of mass homelessness becomes a harsh reality. Once again, we are bombarded with crazy schemes and once again some sense is filtering into the housing industry.

Prefabrication, off site construction and modular housing are the keywords of this crisis. But what about the concept of microgeneration? What if lots of people could provide a home for someone? If hundreds of thousands of people were able to house one person that would be hundreds of thousands less homes required. During the energy crisis people made use of their roof to install solar panels. The housing crisis calls for people to use their garden to install small self contained homes for family members or to let.

Young people, students and new families struggle to afford accommodation away from home. The elderly enjoys the independence of a separate home but would prefer living at the heart of the family. Bauhu Limited, European leaders in prefabricated construction technology and suppliers of off site construction solutions, have recently launched a range of portable, modular buildings which offer a 100% built off site solution for housing, guest accommodation, home care and a range of special purpose uses.

Already dubbed ‘Plug and Play’ homes, these innovative buildings range in size from a compact studio home or guest annex to a three-bedroom house. Smaller models can be equipped for non residential use such as offices, garden rooms, home caring or specialised treatment rooms. Built to a very high specification in Great Britain, Bauhu ‘Plug and Play’ homes comply with international construction codes and easily surpass UK building regulations for permanent housing. Sustainable, attractive and highly efficient with impressive energy ratings, these buildings offer an immediate and cost effective solution to a multitude of accommodation requirements worldwide.

Bauhu buildings are entirely manufactured and fitted out in the factory. Completed, ready to use buildings are shrink wrapped and delivered by truck. Being portable provides additional benefits not normally associated with residential property. Fully self supporting Bauhu ‘Plug and Play’ modules do not require foundations, representing a great cost saving and reducing impact on the site to zero. The mobile nature of the building eases requirements for planning permits and allows the home to be relocated at any time.

Bauhu off site modular construction solutions
Pop up retail units are completely transportable
Self contained and portable, this pop up retail building is designed to be used in various locations. Modular and without the need for foundations the building can be moved quickly from site to site by truck.